"Where the Rivers Meet" 2/10/17 Please pardon me I know you see my simple pot and stick From the outside looking in, it may appear I'm sick I am not contagious and most certainly not in dis-ease I'm praying for this life raft to cross the causal seas So far gone from idea of time and space Immersed here in this sublime realm of light asking to see your face To enter in the Supreme Abode, a mere beggar for your grace I sit before your murti high up in the hills My body convulses in ecstasy, hair on end, in chills Descending the steps we finally reach the place where the rivers meet From the locks of Bholenath to Bhumi Devi emanating from Your lotus feet Approaching in reverence and not by des

The Re-membering - Pt. II

Tears of wonder And ecstasy Tears of memories Of you next to me Bewilderment of how time moves And also the mind And of miracles born When love we choose Five years have passed And you're still my best friend Though not in your body You still hold my hand And The Remembering has unfolded In the chair that you sat Through your dis-ease of "forgetting" I couldn't have dreamed that And still today I sit next to you Closing my eyes, reaching 'cross spiritual skies Christed gold, ultraviolet, deep indigo-blue And with Krishna and Christ We walk hand in hand And dance in eternity Hari's flute call the band And "Katie Duck" and "Little P," growing Bigger by the day And we walk this path together Li

We are multidimensional BEings of light, made in the image and likeness of the Most High, whose eternal nature is love.

© 2017 by John Smrtic