[This was written spontaneously, late Tuesday night, June 27, 2017, not in response to, but merely by reading the title of a recently published Elephant Journal article about "Breaking Up With Spirituality."] Living spirituality starts and ends with true spiritual conception - that regardless of body, mind, species or realm, we are all eternal spirit souls choosing lessons and experiences in varying degrees of subtle or dense dimensions of existence. Realizing spirituality is literally a re-membering that we were never not spiritual, that we just forgot in our insistence upon mundanity and ego conception, and that in truth, we are never separate from spirit. The moment I begin judging othe


"The Remembering" 7/31/15 Dare we look into each other's eyes Soon come no choice but to realize All souls are a spark of the Most High's And can't chain, can't kill I and I So we will not commoditize Taking life is never a prize It's not the hunter to despise It's the system that perpetuates lies So much suffering a dollar buys Out of sight, out of mind, another dies Can't close I ears to the faceless cries 6th mass extinction, truce is advised Better make the connection before the demise For everywhere is war, no one denies On the animal nations, logic defies Stripping the Earth as if endless supplies So humans killing humans, not a surprise Every living being is Jah in disguise One natio

We are multidimensional BEings of light, made in the image and likeness of the Most High, whose eternal nature is love.

© 2017 by John Smrtic