Golden, Platinum plasma rays Blasting through the chemtrail haze To awaken the masses from the daze Presence of Holy Days Exist here, now, step out of the maze Return of the Sacred Ways Like living suns we blaze Broadcasting Unity frequency on waves Soon peace will be all the rage And soon the last bolt will be raised And all animals released from their cage Sovereignty, no longer a slave To act with compassion is to truly be brave And kindness the capital that pays We've been so incredibly depraved Turns out we don’t need an institution to be saved Inner re-orientation, road is golden paved Together turning a phase Eternal thanks and praise Jah Love is our guide always #theRemembering #Rise

We are multidimensional BEings of light, made in the image and likeness of the Most High, whose eternal nature is love.

© 2017 by John Smrtic