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  • John Smrtic

The Re-membering - Pt. II

Papa and Patrick

Tears of wonder

And ecstasy

Tears of memories

Of you next to me

Bewilderment of how time moves

And also the mind

And of miracles born

When love we choose

Five years have passed

And you're still my best friend

Though not in your body

You still hold my hand

And The Remembering has unfolded

In the chair that you sat

Through your dis-ease of "forgetting"

I couldn't have dreamed that

And still today

I sit next to you

Closing my eyes, reaching 'cross spiritual skies

Christed gold, ultraviolet, deep indigo-blue

And with Krishna and Christ

We walk hand in hand

And dance in eternity

Hari's flute call the band

And "Katie Duck" and "Little P," growing

Bigger by the day

And we walk this path together

Light of love guides the way

I am blessed to be their "Uncle"

Though "Godfather" is probably better

Living compassion, meditation, devotion

And even helping with cursive letters

And while the tears of separation

In this material, they well

Our love spirals through infinity

Beyond the body shell

And Radharani and Blessed Mother

Hold us in their arms

As their presence sparkles in these eyes

Intoxicating charms

Scrolling through these pictures

Light-headed and drunk on bliss

The greatest mercy steadily unfolds

But your presence here, I miss

This started as a birthday thought

For our beloved Patrick

Yet the memories of us on that special day

Are woven in my fabric

How could I not tell the tale

Of what you've done for me

And to offer the seed of hope for all:

Self-revelation, New Earth, infinite possibility

I'd be a fool to play it small

And think this grace isn't to share

To evolve our consciousness with love

To the creation, it wouldn't be fair

And so it is

11:11, the time it is so ripe

Dandavats my Papa

I feel you smile as I type

And once again you whisper

Reminding me so true

To rise and shine - The Remembering

My dear father and Guru

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