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  • John Smrtic


"Where the Rivers Meet"


Please pardon me I know you see my simple pot and stick

From the outside looking in, it may appear I'm sick

I am not contagious and most certainly not in dis-ease

I'm praying for this life raft to cross the causal seas

So far gone from idea of time and space

Immersed here in this sublime realm of light asking to see your face

To enter in the Supreme Abode, a mere beggar for your grace

I sit before your murti high up in the hills

My body convulses in ecstasy, hair on end, in chills

Descending the steps we finally reach the place where the rivers meet

From the locks of Bholenath to Bhumi Devi emanating from Your lotus feet

Approaching in reverence and not by design

We pause and gaze, pause and pray one terrace at a time

Observing custom in reverence 'pon the precipice of this most sacred place

Lifetimes of forgetful actions gone without a trace

The locals leave and the window opens, must make use of this crack

Off come my all my coverings, including my shirt and slacks

To purify my ancestors 7 generations, forward, back - in all directions

And to wash away infinite incarnations' wounds and imperfections

I hold the chain and as I step down I wrap it around my wrist

This holy pilgrimage providing a chance that truly cant be missed

Exhilaration, sun-kissed, frigid waters, heart pounding

For that moment divine entrainment, with the thunderous rush of her flow resounding

The moment's here, inhale retention

Releasing apprehension and all tension

Submerging three times in your liquid form beyond all comprehension

Purify me so I may be the I Am That I Am in spiritual conception

And in this soul identity, catch I in this current

And deliver me to the Spiritual World, your eternal follower and servant

~ Photos & poetry from Mother Ganges ~ Devprayag, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, 2/10/17

~ Devprayag - where Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers meet & take the name Ganga or Ganges River

~ photos © John Smrtic; photos of John by Val Feldman

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