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  • John Smrtic


"It’s Love Baby”

It's love, baby, that will birth a new day.

Love is the reality, what more is there to say?

It's love and love alone that is our evolution.

And so it is: love is the solution and revolution.

Love is the remedy to overcome all confusion.

Anything less than love is actually an illusion.

It is from love that we come and to which we will return.

Love is the only lesson for the experiences we chose to learn.

It is love, in fact, that is the only true religion.

Love is the power that overcomes all division.

It will be love that heals the wounds of all the earthen dramas.

Love holds the key to also overcome all remaining traumas.

From the highest platform, in love, all's already forgiven.

So we live in forgiveness and compassion when every action becomes love-driven.

It's really that simple, love alone is truth.

When love is our guide and motivation, we become living proof.

This love extends to every living being, from the smallest to the largest.

This love also extends to all beings from the nearest to the farthest.

To truly love, in effortless joy, our credo becomes nonviolence.

The greatest activism is to stand in love, for love doesn't always mean silence.

It's the soul's nature to love, it's not at all complicated.

In our forgetting, not choosing love, our free will becomes degraded.

The greatest resource we have is love and it's all powerful and unending.

To rise in love is what is meant by using the term 'ascending'.

It is purely love that will bring about global (and cosmic) harmony.

Love is the elixir, the touchstone in this sacred alchemy.

This love is the golden thread that connects every single being.

Like Damodara, bound by love, is really what is freeing.

It's love alone that is the key to enter the Sacred Heart.

Love spirals eternal outside of time so now is the only time to start.

Conquering Lion roars, revealing "I AM LOVE".

Realizing this identity, as below, so above.

Walking in love, we walk in the Kingdom, now, here.

Walking in the light of love, all darkness disappears.

~~written Sunday 10/2/16 ~~ image by Ishta Devi

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