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  • John Smrtic


"The Remembering" 7/31/15

Dare we look into each other's eyes

Soon come no choice but to realize

All souls are a spark of the Most High's

And can't chain, can't kill I and I

So we will not commoditize

Taking life is never a prize

It's not the hunter to despise

It's the system that perpetuates lies

So much suffering a dollar buys

Out of sight, out of mind, another dies

Can't close I ears to the faceless cries

6th mass extinction, truce is advised

Better make the connection before the demise

For everywhere is war, no one denies

On the animal nations, logic defies

Stripping the Earth as if endless supplies

So humans killing humans, not a surprise

Every living being is Jah in disguise

One nation, one tribe, Earth Allies

Love in our hearts, unbinding the ties

Soul'Jahs of light, together we rise

(written in memory of lion brethren Cecil, and the over 56 billion land animals and countless billions fish and sea people killed yearly on Planet Earth)

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