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  • John Smrtic


You must be distracted and afraid

All of the dramas craftily made

Creating hatred and terror to parade

Meanwhile they're all getting paid

While the opiated masses unknowingly played

Truly, the most heinous charade

Operating from the shadow and shade

Seeds manipulated, crops sprayed

And now the skies too, so betrayed

Sitting on their own grenade

Like licking honey off of the blade

To pledge some allegiance clichéd

Worse yet horrified by nuclear crusade

Instant gratification delayed

Selling our souls, modern slave trade

Media blindly conveyed

Free press and democracy way past the fade

"Earning a living" and "making the grade"

Institutionalized brains, heart connection decayed

Free will in a state of degrade

Worse yet, there's no choice, this is how they dissuade

Accountability evade

Corporate bosses in favors repaid

For divine intercession we prayed

Turns out we are the ones here to start the cascade

The Awakening knowingly denied and downplayed

By creating more fear, allowing it to pervade

Don't let them fool you, message relayed

Calling forth the light brigade

To dissolve all illusion, the course will be stayed

So deeper within we wade

To find the chains of the system arrayed

In our projection outward, displayed

Done with amnesia masquerade

I AM sovereignty, soul renegade

Now is the time for divine upgrade

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