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  • John Smrtic


When Love is What you Speak (Surf the Everlasting)


Time and space matter little

When the language you speak is love

Sliding in and out of these body suits

Fitted like a glove

As per these impressions

Of forget desires born

Thinking it lies out there

Emotions, tattered and torn

Disappointments and triumphs

Roles we played well worn

Mistaking the drama for the truth

And the costumes we adorn

Tears of memories flooding

Pathways of love and loss

Ironic how it takes this, finally

To feel what you always tried to get across

Hold your hand in the driveway

The sun kisses our skin

The warmth is so engrossing

Time wears the flesh so thin

Abiding in the silence

Only passing through

And this is what it’s all about

This moment spent with you

And this is what it’s all about

This moment spent with you

The roles have been reversed now

The man becomes a child

And the boy is fumbling to be here

And here, here we’ve reconciled

Could it really be

Is this all just a dream

Wake me from this madness

Nothing’s what it seems

And yet somehow

It’s all so incredibly sublime

We dance across dimensions

Part of the grand design

Brilliant beyond conception

Shimmering, imperfections

The roads and intersections

Companions and reflections

I don’t know much of anything

This much I’m sure I know

But if there’s one thing I have learned

With love all things do grow

I close my eyes and draw inward

The setting starts to fade

All these walls and all these falls

Of consciousness they’re made

Mistaken identities

Concepts and density too

Stretch, become so porous

That light can pass right through

How we became entangled

I haven’t got a clue

But we navigate the lessons

To remember what is true

Everything is passing

Like waves they rise and fall

We surf the everlasting

On love, it conquers all

Love it is the answer

When all is said and through

Revealed in a single moment

This moment spent with you

The journey home is calling

Of gold the road is paved

Signs of ancient memories

Upon the door engraved

Passing through the zero

It’s here we meet again

My father and my hero

My teacher and best friend

And all these years later

Has time it passed at all

Rainbow colors, floating

Like tree leaves in the fall

So many times I’ve died

But I’ve never really lived

And the message once again clear

“You’ve got so much to give”

The form I knew, no longer

Yet still this adoring, resolute shove

Time and space matter little

When the language you speak is love

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